Timeline Goals:

FMP timeline:

Week 1:

  • Finish Proposal, begin work on ideas and stuff.
  • Set up basics for the WordPress site that’ll hold all my stuff.
  • Set up important links on the website that’ll be worthy of taking a look at.
  • Start looking at different places to find research and different types of sources for ideas to build up my project – make note of these.

Week 2:

  • Create a written analysis of several different sound show reels with a full conclusion.
    (this may take a little while)
  • Begin work on at least one video to create sounds for.
  • Search for previous sound design works.
  • Write down everything I do onto the WordPress site.
  • Continue to search for/list all useful sources.

Week 3:

  • Continue work on different types of sound design, have at least one short video finished at this stage.
  • Create a 20 second video showcasing the sounds I created in Unreal a few months ago.
  • Begin to analyze all sources that have been listed, a short paragraph for each one which explains their weaknesses and usefulness in regards to my project should be helpful.

Week 4:

  • Continue work on the project itself, try to at least have 2 short videos done, begin on merging them into a Windows Movie Maker file or something to make it all fit nicely.
  • Begin work on something heavier, maybe some guns firing with an epic track going on in the background.
  • Landscape camera view of a nice field, cut and analyzed in a lovely way to make all seem beautiful with some chilled out orchestral stuff that I can compose over the top to show off my orchestral writing abilities.
  • Begin research on different companies to send my work off to, make a list of them.

Week 5:

  • Begin to analyze the list of companies (with a conclusion that shows whether or not each one would be worth sending my show reel off to)
  • Begin work on something doctor who related just cause you’d love it (even if it’s just a changed sound of the TARDIS or something – your show reel should always entail parts of your personality.

Week 6:

  • It’s just work at this point, work your butt off and make as many short/long sounds as you want for that final project of yours.
  • Continue merging them together on movie maker, make it beautiful fam
  • Toward the end of the week, send the show reel off to people that I know and receive some feedback on the works within it.
  • Write a detailed analysis on the results of the feedback and adjust the project accordingly.

Week 7:

  • Finish everything.
  • Merge all the stuff together.
  • Upload the file to YouTube.
  • Send to companies that fared well.
  • Write up a conclusion which entails information on how all of this went.

Week 8:

  • Finish the conclusion
  • Finish everything and upload it all the college stuff.
  • Sleep, you earned it.


I believe that my timeline may be a little overfilled, there are a lot of things going here and some of the ideas may have to be removed. That being said, I believe that they fit into the project nicely and if I can get everything done then I should stand a good chance in this. If I am unable to get it done in the way that I wish to, I’ll be left in a dark area because everything in here is necessary.

The most likely issue here is that of time, if I fail to do it all on time for one reason or another, then I’m sort of boned. I’ll either have to double up and have totally packed out weeks which I’ll need to rush out everything onto or I’ll have to cut some things out… I don’t want to have to do either of those things and hope not to.

Aside from these issues, I believe that my timeline is nice and looks good. It’s likely that I’ll be able to get it all done on time if I work hard and stick to it, unfortunately that’s not like me… Oh well, lets see how it goes!


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